Companies wishing to trade at HEnEx Derivatives Market are admitted as Trading Members following Trading Member Admission Process in three stages as long as they fulfill the membership conditions.

Learn more about the procedure for acquiring the Member's capacity, Membership resignation and other Membership issues of HEnEx Derivatives Market here.

ATHEXClear provides Central Counter Party clearing services for HEnEx Derivatives Markets. Direct Clearing Members or General Clearing Members participate in clearing according to ATHEXClear Clearing Rulebook conditions.

Have a look at already registered companies trading at HEnEx Derivatives Market by accessing the list of our Trading Members.



Companies eligible to become Trading Members at HEnEx Derivatives Market are:

   Credit Institutions or Investment Firms that have been duly licensed to execute orders on behalf of clients or trade for own account.

   Any company engaged in energy-related activity.

Follow our on-boarding procedure and stay in contact for any question you may have for the applied process.

Admission Process


The admission process is completed in three standard and simplified stages.


1st Stage

Submit your application.

Fill-in the Candidate Membership, Joint Statement and KYC forms and submit your application to the Members' Support Department.

Form TITLE mandatory file


Candidate Membership Form



Joint Statement



KYC Form



Market Maker Application Form


Detailed information on the procedure for acquiring the Market Maker capacity and terms  of market making can be found here.

Trading Members applicable fees can be found here.


2nd Stage

Be certified as an Energy Derivatives Trader.

Each Member shall engage a sufficient number of Certified Traders according to it's needs. Apply for the Energy Derivatives Trading Certificate and follow our Certification Program.

Form TITLE mandatory file


Application for the Energy Trader Certificate


Detailed information on Members’ professional competence in the Commodities Markets, can be found here.


3rd Stage

Connect to our Derivatives Markets.

Submit all relevant information for engaged persons and IT systems and activate your HEnEx trading account.

Form TITLE mandatory file
F1-3 Membership Form Yes
F1-4 Members Profile Form Yes
F1-5 Connection to the Trading Systems Form Yes


Type of Activity Declaration


D1-7 ALGO Declaration No

Detailed information on the Admission Policy and Process, can be found here.


HEnEx Trading Support Dpt. 

E-mail :
Tel : (+30) 210 33 66 845,  (+30) 210 33 66 952
Fax : (+30) 210 33 66 951