Energy Markets

Energy Markets

HEnEx, a Nominated Electricity Market Operator (NEMO) for the Greek Bidding Zones, provides the market place, trading venues & platforms and delivers efficient price formation, for a secure and reliable energy trading in the South-East Europe. Our mission is to ensure transparency, low transaction cost and elimination of counterparty risk. Our Operations and Member Support team is the first point of contact for day-to-day business, market participation, trades execution and publications. 

We operate the Energy Trading Spot System (ETSS), powered by ATHEXGroup, offering web-based state-of-the art environments and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for customized individual trading management. ETSS supports all the standard PCR products and Order Types used in Single Day-Ahead Coupling and is further extended and integrated for accommodating local and regional intraday auctions trading.

Electricity Day-Ahead & Intraday Markets


In the context of the Integration of European Electricity Markets, HEnEx operates the Day-Ahead (DAM) and the Intraday Market (IDM) for electricity aligned to Target Model objectives.

DAM refers to buy and sell trades of electricity with an obligation of physical delivery for the next Delivery Day D, including the registration of energy quantities resulting from the trades carried out within HEnEx’s Energy Derivatives Market or from Over-the-Counter Energy Financial Instruments.

IDM refers to buy and sell trades of electricity with an obligation of physical delivery by submitting respective orders after DAM gate closure time, and includes three (3) Local Intra-Day Auctions (LIDAs) in isolated (non-coupled) mode.



Products admitted for trading on the Day-Ahead and Intraday Market, for each Market Time Unit, which is one (1) hour, of Delivery Day are types of commercial contracts of electricity with physical delivery (injection or offtake) within the Bidding Zones of the HTSO. The eligible order types as a result of the Products admitted for trading on the Day-Ahead Market, allowing for efficient sell and buy scheduling, are the following: 

  • Hourly Hybrid Orders
  • Block Orders
  • Linked Block Orders
  • Exclusive Group of Block Orders

The eligible order types as a result of the Products admitted for trading on the IntraDay Market are the following: 

  • Hourly Hybrid Orders

Trading & Market Results


The Trading on HEnEx's Energy Markets is carried out electronically and anonymously through the Energy Trading System (ETS). The Day-Ahead Market Results consist of the Market Clearing Prices per Market Time Unit of the Physical Delivery Day and Bidding Zone, the Net Delivery Position of each Bidding Zone, and the acceptance status and ratio of Block Orders.

On Behalf of Trading


In case of technical malfunctions of the Participant systems or other emergency, HEnEx provides Participants with access to ETSS through HEnEx's authorized entities (Trading On Behalf service).

Detailed information regarding the Trading On Behalf service, can be found here.



Any participant in HEnEx Energy Markets shall engage a sufficient number of Certified Energy Traders according to it's needs. HEnEX offers professional training through workshops and dedicated ad-hoc seminars for those who wish to obtain new skills and deep knowledge in Energy Markets.

Training sessions for HEnEX Energy Markets are available to Exchange Members, market professionals and anyone wishing to foster its skills towards the Energy Trader certification exams.

Participation in HEnEx training courses provide participants understanding on:

  • Detailed level Market Design and Trading Rulebook's concepts;
  • Products, Order Types and their usage in daily procedures;
  • Markets lifecycle;
  • Roles and responsibilities of the front, middle and back offices;
  • Best practices to control and monitor operational risk;

For detailed information on scheduled training cοurses and participation requirements contact EnEx-Member-Support@enexgroup.gr.


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