Market Monitoring Function


HEnEx as an Energy Exchange has established proper organizational and procedural arrangements, with the establishment of a dedicated department, for the market monitoring function to ensure Market Integrity & Market Transparency to its markets, with the goal to promote trust in its markets and to ensure efficient price formation.

Market Integrity


Pursuant to EU & National Legislation and HEnEx’s Market Rules, HEnEx shall notify the competent authorities (RAE, HCMC) upon reasonable suspicion of a market abuse incident.

Towards this target, HEnEx works closely with RAE, HCMC, ACER and other EU institutions, providing data, reports and analyses on wholesale energy markets.

Market Transparency


HEnEx promotes trust and transparency to the Greek Wholesale Energy Markets by making publicly available to stakeholders various reports from trading activity in its markets. In case of imposition (or removal) of a measure against a Market Participant, HEnEx publishes on its website the relevant information

Report Irregular Trading Behaviour to HEnEx’s Market Monitoring team


We welcome input form Market Participants concerning suspicious activity in our markets that may come to their attention. In case you want to contact us about irregular trading behaviour, you can send an email to .

We handle all emails we receive with full confidentiality. However, please also kindly keep in mind that we operate under statutory confidentiality restrictions, and that we do not provide update on any further actions in this context.


Markets Monitoring & Analysis Division

Markets Monitoring Department
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Tel : (+30) 210 33 66 861