=EnEXGroup offers professional training through seminars and examination for those who wish to obtain new skills and deep knowledge in Power Spot and Derivatives market trading and clearing.  

The training seminars and exams for HEnEX power markets are available to Exchange Members or market professionals via the admission process. Training as well as the HEnEX exam can be taken at our premises or online via Webex. 

Are you interested in acquiring the

  • Energy Trader Certificate (ETC)

  • Energy Clearer Certificate (ECC)

  • Energy Derivatives Trader Certificate (EDTC) 

and attend the seminars provided by HEnEX and EnExClear?

For more information on registration, please contact us at, ENXevents@enexgroup.gr.

Seminars & Exams


EnEx offers a range of courses and educational services designed to improve skills and understanding about the power market. Our markets work best when our members are well informed about the markets regulation and how to participate. With this in mind, the goal of our training program is to provide a clear understanding of the overall context and build specific knowledge about participation in the electricity market.

The study material for training seminars and exams for the “Energy Trader Certificate (ETC)” for the year 2021 can be found here.

The study material for training seminars and exams for the "Energy Derivatives Trader Certificate (EDTC)" can be found here.


Certification Exams & Seminars Program 2021

Energy Traders Seminar


ETC Exam


Energy Derivatives Traders Seminar




Energy Traders Seminar


ETC Exam


Energy Traders Seminar


ETC Exam


Energy Derivatives Traders Seminar 02/11/2021
EDTC Exam 04/11/2021



Each EnExGroup Member is obliged to employ Τraders and Clearers who have appropriate certified professional competence. Certification is obtained after successful completion of the examination process.

Upon successfully passed the EnEx exams, you will be entitled to take part in Trading on the HEnEx Spot and Derivatives Markets. Also, you will be able to perform all the duties of a Certified Energy Clearer at a Clearing Member of EnExClear both for the Clearing of Transactions on the Day Ahead and Intraday Markets of HEnEx and the Clearing of Positions on the Balancing Market operated by the Hellenic Transmission System Operator.

Please note: The EnEx Trader/Clearer exams are required for the admission for trading/clearing at EnEx. Further information on admission process could be found below:

Commodities Markets Members

Derivatives Market Members

Clearing Members


EnEx Member Support Dpt.

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