The clearing of Transactions on Day Ahead and Intraday Markets, the clearing of Positions on the Balancing Market and the clearing of Transactions on the Natural Gas Trading Platform of HEnEx is carried out between EnExClear and its Clearing Members in accordance with the terms of the EnExClear's Clearing Regulations.

There are two types of Clearing Members:

Direct Clearing Members (DCMs): are Market Participants who may clear only their own transactions and positions.

General Clearing Members (GMMs): are Financial Institutions who undertake the clearing of transactions and positions of other participants.

The list of EnExClear Clearing Members is available here.

If you are interested in becoming a Clearing Member in EnExClear, please contact   for information regarding the terms of participation.

Admission Process


Companies wishing to acquire the capacity of Direct Clearing Member or General Clearing Member for each Market (DAM-IDM / Balancing / Natural Gas Trading Platform), must follow the procedure as described in the following presentation:

   EnExClear Membership_Onboarding Process

See more about the membership acquisition process, membership resignation and other clearing membership issues EnExClear Decision 1, available here.

Submit the necessary forms for registration as listed below and contact the EnExGroup Member Admission Service ( for any questions.



Submit your application.

Fill-in the Candidate Membership, Joint Statement and KYC forms

Form TITLE mandatory file


Candidate Membership Form



KYC Form



Certification of Energy Clearers

Be certified as an Energy Clearer.

For the purpose of certification of the professional competence of employees and officers, EnExClear issues the Energy Clearer Certificate "ECC".

Each Clearing Member must have appointed at least one (1) Certified Clearer for the Clearing of Transactions / Positions it undertakes, or more than one (1) depending on its activity.

Apply for the Energy Clearer Certificate "ECC" and follow the Certification Program.


Form TITLE mandatory file


Application for the Energy Clearer Certificate


Detailed information the Professional competence of Clearing Members, can be found in Decision 2 of EnExClear.



To be activated, as a Clearing Member*, you must first deposit the initial contribution to the Default Fund, corresponding to the requested capacity, as well as any kind of registration fees, annual subscription fees.

Details of the applicable Clearing Membership Fees can be found here.

Submit all relevant information about the persons representing your company, request the creation of users in the EnExClear’s clearing systems (only for certified clearers) by submitting the following forms.

Form TITLE mandatory file


Membership Activation  Form



Participant's Members Profile Form Yes


EMCS Users Form Yes


Application for Clearing Account



Right of Use (DAM-IDM)



Right of Use (Balancing)

CL1-5 Right of Use (Natural Gas) Yes

   Submit the forms with the details of the Cash Settlement Accounts at the Cash Settlement Agents.

Form TITLE mandatory file


Joint Declaration of Settlement Bank & CM (DAM-IDM)



Joint Declaration of Settlement Bank & CM (Balancing)

CL15_2 Joint Declaration of Settlement Bank & CM (Natural Gas) Yes

* If the application relates to HEnEx Markets or HEnEx’s Natural Gas Trading Platform, a certificate by HEnEx for the registration of the Candidate Clearing Member as Participant in HEnEx Markets.

* If the application relates to Balancing Market, a certificate by the HETS Operator or other relative document which certifies the registration of the Candidate Clearing Member as Participant in Balancing Market.

Active Members – Amendments


Clearing Members must promptly notify EnExClear as to any amendment to their status on the basis of which EnExClear granted its approval for the acquisition of the Trading Member capacity.

Fill-in the Member’s Detail Change form and provide the necessary documents as appropriate.

Form TITLE mandatory file


Member’s Detail Change



HEnEx Trading Support Dpt. 

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