Request for Trading on Behalf service 


The Trading on Behalf service is provided to Market Participants via a relevant service request. The requests for the Trading on Behalf Service are submitted by the Participant's Certified Energy Traders via email through their registered eMail accounts or via service tickets via the HEnEx Ticketing System.

The request shall include also the ΟΒΟΤ file, based on the relevant template file,  filled by the Participant according to the Market technical specifications for each type of request.

The OBOT request shall be sent to the mail address OBOT@enexgroup.gr, with the following mandatory information:

   Subject: [OBOT Service Request for ΝΟΜ/DAM/CRIDA1/CRIDA2/CRIDA3/XBID Market, Delivery Day dd/mm/yyyy].

   Main body: Analytical Description of the Trading on Behalf request.

   Attachments: The OBOT Order file filled according to the guidelines.

The request for Trading on Behalf service is accepted, when submitted within the Trading Hours of the relevant Market and in each case fifteen (15) minutes before the relevant Gate Closure, at the latest. In case of Trading On Behalf service regarding Physical Delivery/Offtake Nominations, the respective request should be submitted until fifteen (15) minutes before the Physical Delivery/Offtake Nomination Gate Closure Time.

HEnEx shall not be liable whatsoever for non-timely conclusion of requests during the use of the Trading on Behalf service. In case of multiple received requests, HEnEx attends to their being met based on the principle of time priority (first-come-first-served principle), unless there are grounds for maintaining the proper operation of the Market or protection of the investors' interests or preventing risks on the Clearing of Transactions justifying a derogation from the aforementioned principle.

Confirmation for the acceptance of the request and errors check


If the request submission for Trading on Behalf service is accepted, a confirmation email will be sent as a reply to the request.

If the submitted ΟΒΟΤ file has any errors, HEnEx will inform accordingly the sender, and the request must be timely re-submitted.

In case the Certified Trader cannot send an email or ticket to HEnEx for technical reasons, or a confirmation email from HEnEx has not been sent, Certified Traders can contact HEnEx lines: +30 210 336 6841, +30 210 336 6842.

Service Fee


The use of the Trading on Behalf service for Energy Markets is charged by HEnEx accordingly. For detailed information on applicable fees refer to the relevant Decision.

Trading _Contact

HEnEx Trading Support Dpt. 

E-mail : trading@enexgroup.gr 
Tel : (+30) 210 33 66 845