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The Forward Electricity Products Auctions System Archive contains archived information for the Forward Electricity Products Auctions System Market Data. FEPAS constituted a Forward Products allocation mechanism for Greece since 2016 and is replaced by the Energy Derivatives Market. The Forward Electricity Products Auction System (FEPAS) was introduced by Law 4366/2015 and Law 4389/2016 to promote the development of competitive energy portfolios for the Retail Market. FEPAS provides access to Eligible Suppliers to Forward Electricity Products, followed by the obligation of Physical Delivery in the Day Ahead Scheduling. The Hellenic Energy Exchange S.A. is appointed as the Operator of FEPAS according to the applicable legislation. HEnEx maintains the Registry of Eligible Suppliers and Traders and the Registry of Sellers, conducts the relevant auctions, operates the Secondary Market and the Supplementary Settlement of Forward Electricity Products in the Day Ahead Scheduling under the provisions of the Forward Electricity Product Auction Code (FEPAC).

Archived data are stored in the following sections: (i) Useful Information Data: including information documents, market participation utilities etc, (ii) Auction Schedule & Specifications : including information of Auction's scheduling and Auctions Specifications prior each FEPAS Auction and (iii) Results : including FEPAS Auction Allocation results for each Auction.

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Nested Applications


Αnnouncements and Specifications


Αnnouncements and Specifications according to Article 8.10 of the Forward Electricity Products Auctions Code.

Αnnouncements and Specifications




Auction Results


Auction Results publication according to Article 8.12 of the Forward Electricity Products Auctions Code.


Monthly Report


Monthly Report according to Article 52.1 of the Forward Electricity Products Auctions Code.

Monthly Report



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