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The Day-Ahead & Intraday Markets Archive contains archived information for the Day-Ahead & Intraday Markets.

Day-Ahead Market Data and published information is separated in three categories: (i) Pre-Market Data, including Forward Market Positions for Delivery/Offtake and relevant Nominations made available prior the execution of the Day-Ahead Market Auction, (ii) Market Results, including Market Prices and aggregated volumes per Market Time Unit and Technology Portfolio, Market Weekly Outlook and and (iii) Post-Market Data, including Anonymous Aggregated Buy/Sell Curves, Block Orders Results, Market Statistics, Anonymous Aggregated Buy/Sell Curves and Market Statistics.

Use of Day-Ahead Market Publications content is under the EnExGroup website Terms of Use.


Nested Applications


Pre-Market Data

Pre-Market Data publication according to section 4.7 of the Day-Ahead & Intraday Market Rulebook.


Market Results

Market Results publication according to sections 4.3.4, 4.7, 5.11 and 5.15 of the Day-Ahead & Intraday Market Rulebook.


Post-Market Data 

Post-Market Data publication according to section 4.7 & 5.15 of the Day-Ahead & Intraday Market Rulebook.

Nested Applications


Delivery/Offtake Nominations (FWD)

Asset Publisher


Net Delivery/Offtake Positions (FWD)

Asset Publisher


Aggregated Buy/Sell Orders Curves


Block Orders Acceptance/Status

Asset Publisher



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