Pre agreed Trades


Registration of Pre-Agreed Trades in HEnEx Energy Financial Market


For the registration of Pre-Agreed Trades (Method 3), the Certified Traders who have been declared by each Member as Responsible Persons for Trading and are registered in the Electronic Database of the Members, fill in and electronically send, providing all the mandatory fields of the order, the relevant form including all mandatory fields of the order D1-8: "Pre-agreed Trade Details Form", either via email to the address OBOT@enexgroup.gr  through their registered email accounts, or via service tickets through the Electronic Claims Management System (ticketing system) of HEnEx.

For pre agreed trades between clients of the same Member, the form should be sent only by the specific Member.

The request for the registration of pre agreed trades shall include the following mandatory information:

  • Subject: [Trade Registration Request for Energy Derivatives Market, Delivery Day dd/mm/yyyy].

  • Main body: Analytical Description of the Trading Registration request.

  • Attachment: The Form D1-8: “Pre-agreed Trade Details in the Derivatives Market Form”.

The buyer sends Form D1-8 within thirty (30) minutes from the time that the seller sent the request, thereby confirming the acceptance of the sell order. The request for registering pre-agreed trades is accepted provided that it is submitted by both the buyer and the seller within the Trading Hours of Method 3 and in any case no later than thirty (30) minutes before the expiration of the Trading Hours.

HEnEx shall not be liable whatsoever for non-timely conclusion of requests during the use of the pre agreed trades service. In the event of transmission of several requests for registration of pre-agreed trades, HEnEx shall ensure that they are met on the basis of the principle of time priority (first-come-first-served principle), unless there are grounds for safeguarding the smooth functioning of the market or for preventing risks related to the clearing of the transactions that justify derogation from the above principle.

Confirmation for the acceptance of the request and errors check


If the request for registration of pre agreed trades is accepted, a confirmation email will be sent as a reply to the request.

If the submitted Form D1-8: “Pre-agreed Trade Details in the Derivatives Market Form” has any errors, HEnEx will inform accordingly the sender, and the request must be timely re-submitted.

In case of technical malfunctions that do not allow the implementation of the above procedure, HEnEx may indicate alternative ways of communication through its website. For all issues regarding the registration of pre agreed trades, Certified Traders can contact HEnEx lines: +30 210 336 6861, +30 210 336 6841, +30 210 336 6842.


EnEx Member Support Dpt.

E-mail : EnEx-Member-Support@enexgroup.gr
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