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27 October 2021: Closing the loop – inclusion of the Bulgarian-Romanian border into the Single Day-Ahead Coupling (SDAC)

With the inclusion of the Bulgarian-Romanian border, a geographical loop has been closed and the Southeast Europe (SEE) region is now fully integrated in the Single Day-Ahead Coupling. This marks yet another major milestone in the process of integrating the European day-ahead power markets.

Press release can be found here.

17 June 2021: Successful go-live of Interim Coupling – Reaching the SDAC enduring phase

The 4MMC countries’ day-ahead market is now integrated in the Pan-European day-ahead power market

Press release can be found here.

26 May 2021: Starting with 17 June 2021 new operational timings to be applied for daily market coupling process


Press release can be found here.


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