Activation of bi-Fuel functionalities at the Market Management System (MMS) regarding Generation Unit’s participation in DAS


Following “Decision RAE 1299/2018” (announcement at RAE’s website, RAE has approved the Power Exchange Code for Electricity (PECE) and System Operation Code amendments regarding the participation of bi-fuel Generation Units in DAS and the submission of energy limitation constraints of Generation Units with gas fuel, when the Gas Transmission System is under crisis.

IPTO and HEnEx have already implemented the necessary improvements in the Market Management System (MMS) in order to support the participation of bi-fuel Generation Units.

HEnEx would like to inform all Market Participants that the relevant MMS functionalities will be activated from Dispatch Day 11/04/2019 (Market Participation on 10/04/2019).

Moreover, and according to relevant PECE provisions, the DAS results reports starting from Dispatch Day 11/04/2019 will be provided separately for each fuel type of each bi-Fuel Generation Unit. More specifically the following changes will be applied at the DAS results reports as regards the Generation Units names:

1.    Renaming of existing DAS Results Entries (operation with main fuel – GAS)
b.    “LAVRIO4” --> “LAVRIO4_G”
e.    “HERON1” --> “HERON1_G”
f.    “HERON2” --> “HERON2_G”
g.    “HERON3” --> “HERON3_G”

2.    New DAS Results Entries (operation with alternative fuel -OIL)
a.    New entry “KOMOTINI_O”
b.    New entry  “LAVRIO4_O”
c.    New entry “ELPEDISON_THES_O”
d.    New entry “ELPEDISON_THIS_O”
e.    New entry “HERON1_O”
f.    New entry “HERON2_O”
g.    New entry “HERON3_O”