Participation Guarantees

According to the provisions of Article 89 of the Power Exchange Code for Electricity (PECE), the Participants are obliged to fill-in the adequate guarantees in order to cover their obligations arising by the Energy Transactions Contract for Day-Ahead Scheduling (DAS).

The calculation methodology for the aforesaid guarantees and other issues related are described in the decisions of the Regulatory Authority of Greece listed below:

  •     Regulatory Authority Decision Nr. 1033/2011 (as it has been amended by the Regulatory Authority Decision Nr. 461/2013)
  •     Regulatory Authority Decision Nr. 159/2017

According to Article 89 of the PECE the obligation to fill-in the required guarantees is fulfilled either by submitting a Letter of Guarantee or by depositing an equivalent cash amount into a special bank account of the Hellenic Energy Exchange S.A. (HEnEx S.A.). The details of  HEnEx S.A. bank account for depositing the equivalent cash amount of the necessary guarantees are as follows:


Hellenic Energy Exchange S.A.


National Bank of Greece S.A.

Bank Account



GR49 0110 0440 0000 0440 0290 922



The submitted Letter(s) of Guarantee should have the form and the content according to the following template:


New Participants

For new Participants registering into the Participants Register of HEnEx S.A. the amount of required guarantee related to the Energy Transactions Contract for DAS is set to 50.000€.